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Winter is Coming

Characters in the popular television series Game of Thrones often repeat that "winter is coming," but somehow it never actually arrives. The results of the recent presidential election in the United States, however, have left many liberals preparing for a political winter that could last for at least four years. Here are some Yabla videos dealing with common expressions relating to this coldest of seasons.



Welcome to winter time... right here.

Caption 33, Jason Mraz - Tour of studio

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The winter came and the lake froze over.

Caption 37, Fairy Tales - The Ugly Duckling

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However, there's still a large difference between winter and summer.

Caption 4, English with Lauren - The weather

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In this winter of our hardship ... let us brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come.

Captions 87-89, Barack Obama's Inauguration Day - Obama's Speech

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Instead of lush fields, we would have long winters and sparse, ice-covered landscapes in Europe.

Captions 55-56, Nature Preservation - The Gulf Stream & Climate Change

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You will have your home prepared and winter-proofed in next to no time.

Caption 38, British Gas - top tips on preparing your home for cold weather

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Further Learning
Watch the above videos in their entirety and search for examples of winter on Yabla English to see other related terms used in a real-world context. 


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